You probably have them in your kitchen – premium quality dishes by Kavalier glassworks.

In 2016 we have won a tender focused on image refreshment of the Simax product brand. A part of the client’s brief was to accent the 180th anniversary.

Our solution consists of the corporate claim “Glass that Lasts” which became the very first umbrella message of the whole product brand. The claim expresses long term usage and high quality of Kavalier glass. At the same time it accents the long lasting tradition of this Czech brand and its endurance within the market.

A subsequent part of the creative concept is a promo claim “Together for Generations” which presents the Czech dishes tradition by Kavalier. The brand story is based on the intergenerational sharing of dishes, recipes and precious moments when family is together. We see the kitchen as the place where we meet, the centre of the household. The Simax dishes are part of many families for generations. An integral part of this concept is a visual brand story, scene stylization and the photography post production.

As a part of the visual style solution we have set the main corporate font. We have chosen the Ladislav font by the Czech foundry Suitcase Type. This elegant font creates the visual link with glass curves and makes connection with the product morphology. At the same time, the font is an homage to famous Czech designer Ladislav Sutnar, who used to design for Kavalier glassworks.

In the context of the created brand image is the usage of this font a pleasant return back to the brand roots.

Simax – Glass that Lasts



Brand story Kavalier / Simax

Iveta Žouželková


Glass dishes

Vít Holešovský


Kavalier / Simax

Iveta Žouželková, Vít Holešovský



Iveta Žouželková, Vít Holešovský

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