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Vít Holešovský


A brandonaut who gives your brand an attractive face and a catchy story. He expresses its values. His creative range spreads from a claim and brand identity to a campaign and beyond.


With a creative insight he designs brands as unique personalities which are not influenced by gravity. linkedin

Iveta Žouželková


Iveta is mostly focused on design. With a smile she gives your logo elegant curves and designs your visual including postproduction. Thanks to that your brand will be seen even from galaxies far far away.


She has also a perfect project overview and cares about rocket-like realisation. linkedin

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About Our Studio

We are RISING STUDIO. We help new brands to start steeply and let the existing ones to rise higher. Our mission is to make synergy between attractive design and a strong message.

We believe that your brand can rise.



Our Attitude

Every solution from us is always tailored with the understanding of your needs and capacities. Every client is unique to us. We would love to discuss your vision with you as well.

Let’s have a cup of cosmic coffee.


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