Rise in the Brand Universe

We will help you to express your brand qualities.

To make you shine in the commercial cosmos.



Are you a new company and do you want to start with a smile on your spacesuit helmet? Are you an established corporation and do you plan to explore new market galaxies? You need an attractive presentation then.

Branding is our service that can help you to express your brand values & unique product qualities. And you will become the star of commercial cosmos.

With Style & System.

Strong brand identity is a long-lasting competitive advantage. It is the best return of your energy, know-how and the financial investments you put into your company.

Express your uniqueness and your careful service for your clients and partners. Present your work attractively and accurative thanks to a timeless logotype and visually unified corporate materials.

Identity is the shine of your company in the brand universe. Identity is you.

We see the logo as the essential visual element of your corporate presentation. All the business communication goes around this main planet and it should be kept in your customers’ mind. Thanks to accurate graphic line we can cover your corporate philosophy and help you really stand out.

Logo is the visual basis of brand identity.  Logo created by our studio can attractively and clearly introduce your brand to the market.

Conquering of the new galaxies goes well if your corporate fleet and customers remember the captain’s name. The name of a company, project or product is crucial for immediate introduction of your brand benefits. Its story begins here.

Thanks to an attractive name could your clients and business partners remember your company much better. As an important brand with a strong image.

Visual style is an important part of the brand identity and corporate design. It gives the brand its visual atmosphere. It works further with the specific shapes, colors and fonts of logotype . It makes you visually stand out.

Visual style is your visual mark in the brand universe.

To make your logo land in the production precisely. To keep all the visual style features in correct colors and dimensions. For nice looking unification of all your print and digital medias.

We will prepare for you an essential document for an accurate work with your logo (logo manual) or a complex visual style documentation with detailed definition of your materials usage. There will be no more worries.

We will set minimum clear space, define colors and choose an ideal font. For the cosmic accuracy of your corporate presentation.



There is an infinite stream of information through the brand universe. That’s why you need to stand out. You need to express value of your brand & products’ qualities. In the advertising campaign via all appropriate media.

With pleasure we can design a billboard visual, we can happily make the copy for a leaflet or create a complex advertising campaign. A whole fleet of campaigns.

Creatively & Conceptually.

All the visuals outputs from our studio are created with a cosmic accuracy and synergy with your branch. We design every visual element to make you feel the harmony with its atmosphere. Your clients and business partners could recognize you much better in the brand universe.

Design is for us an attitude we put in every specific project. Design is an esthetic thinking, design is the shape of your uniqueness.

With just few right words we can express your corporate image and benefits of your brand. Besides an attractive and accurate name the claim is the main motivational information which should get customer’s attention.

This is precisely the field we can help you. With a cosmic creativity.

Attractive copy sells. We can create a perfectly-readable headline, an advertising text, a PR article or a company profile. Where are the words often added, we use only those that make sense.

The sense to give you exhilarating image.

At the beginning there was a big bang. Before the creation of all the great things there is a key idea, a creative thought. The success of all the great brands, well chosen communication strategies or advertising campaigns always stands on the powerful idea.

Idea making lives in our every solution as an essence of matter through the whole universe. Idea making is a solution for design and creativity of message as well.

A strong idea gives you an image. An image gives you brand.

An original shot, attractive postproduction, ideal composition, color harmony. These criteria are essential for us.

When we speak about a photo of an unique moment, an accurate depiction of your product or a stylized montage, you aim at us correctly.

We photograph with passion and accuracy from the scene setting to the final photography. Also you can fly to the Moon in our photos.



In the digital era prints are getting a stronger aesthetic and representative purpose. A brand identity & visual style applied elegantly on your corporate materials can send your company into different dimension.

Well unified prints can express your unique image by its every detail. That’s why we love prints as our home planet.

Precisely & Unified.

Stationery belong to the most important representative materials of your company. We can create a headpaper which will rise above the others. We can decorate your business card with the stardust of visual uniqueness and content accuracy.

Stationery from us will always leave a strong impact.

Perfectly-designed catalogue or well-arranged brochure are the best weapons of your sales representative department. Precise corporate presentation at a business meeting can give them boost to the orbit.

We can help you to introduce and sell your products or to present your business results in a well-arranged, clear and elegant way.

A catchy billboard which will shine as a supernova. Originally designed leaflet which will travel to customers like a comet.

These and many more advertising prints we can create for you. Tailored. From the layout design and copywriting to DTP and communication with a printing house.

Your print is a matter of prestige. It is an embodiment of your corporate design in the hands of your clients and business partners.

We offer you this important service for perfect labelling of your company HQ. Thanks to the carefully-designed signage your company will be labelled in the harmony with the corporate design and architectural dispositions. We can find an ideal solution for you.

For commercial cosmos travellers you will be shining as their next pleasant stop.



Digital corporate presentation is in the dynamic brand universe a matter of course. On a well-designed website your customer will feel relaxed and will return back with a pleasure. User-friendly app will be launched again.

Well-prepared digital materials have power of gravity. Thanks to design which attracts distant worlds & the code which works perfectly even in the stratosphere.

Attractively & Functionally.

Do you need quick and attractive solution of your microsite? Or would you be more attracted to the custom-made website? A small web project or a complex presentation – we can find optimal solution for both by fulfilling your specific needs.

We love to design all the visual web details in harmony with the brand identity and visual style. To create a complex functional and attractive output. From the layout design to tailored iconography. Always responsive.

For your precise image presentation in the digi cosmos.

Do you have a concept of an interesting app which can change the rules in the Alfa Software Stellar system? We can help you with its image including an attractive naming creation (naming), logo and UI/UX design. We will arrange complete software development and app publication for all needed platforms.

Your app will start like a rocket. Towards your brand new users.

A new visual e-mail or newsletter from us can help you to address new clients and business partners. Like a space shuttle approaching to the new territories of space. Like a cosmic satellite exploring new planets.

Visually unified digital communication can bring you the boost of light speed.

Dazzle your customers and partners by an interesting content and stunning visual of your presentation. We can create its layout in synergy with your corporate design and support your image. For all needed data formats.

Digital presentation from us brings to a meeting room the light of a new galaxy birth.

Your Brand Can Rise

We can make this happen.